Tablet device

Sanoste application

Sanoste application brings activities
to wherever you are

✓ Sanoste application is an easy to use application designed specially for the elderly – It enables you to participate in activities wherever you are: home, summer cottage or even abroad

✓ It is very easy to participate in the activities using the Sanoste application – You only need to answer the incoming call from the instructor, by simply pushing one button

✓ The application is available for iOS- and Android-operating systems – You can download it free-of-charge from the App Store or Google Play

How to download the Sanoste application:

What do you need for the participation?

Tablet device

Sanoste application

Tablet stand

Download the free Sanoste application to your tablet device:

How to place the tablet device when participating in an activity

✓ Place your tablet device approximately 1,5 meters away from you. If you are participating in a physical activity, it is important that there is enough space between you and your tablet, so the instructor can see you properly during the activity. A good place for the tablet device is for example on a table. When participating to a lecture, the distance can be smaller.

✓ Place your tablet device on a tablet stand. Using a tablet stand ensures that your tablet will be stable and stay in upright position during the activity.

✓ Choose a comfortable chair, that is good for sitting and where it is easy to participate to the activity. We recommend using a chair without armrest.

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