Our goal is to bring happiness and
wellbeing for the elderly

Sanoste is a Finnish company with a strong expertise related to services offered to elderly and production of digital services.

The uniqueness of Sanoste is the innovative digital platform that connects the service providers and customers. With the platform we are delivering versatile selection of activities to the seniors using teleconference technology. With our platform we manage the groups participating to the activities and also take care of the delivery of the activity. As part of our platform we have an on-line web store where everybody can easily find activities that increase
their wellbeing.

The platform also allows the scalability of our business. The technology does not limit how many service providers and end-users can be present at the same time.

Our primary target group is seniors living at home, but on-line virtual services are also suitable for other customers in social and healthcare sectors, like child welfare, institutional care, services for disabled people, mental health rehabilitation and counselling services for alcohol and substance abuse.

Our values are:

Understanding our customer’s life situation