Sanoste Digital Trainer

Revolutionizing physiotherapy with AI and gamification

AI for physiotherapy

 Sanoste Digital Trainer offers machine learning based AI
 It tracks the human motion automatically in real-time
 The AI has been trained to track 12 main joints
 It analyzes the efficiency of physiotherapy treatment

No sensors or extra devices are required.
The end-user only needs a laptop computer and an internet connection.

Gamification for physiotherapy

 Motivates the end-user to perform the home exercise
 Visual rewards are earned when completing the exercise
 Voice incentives encourage the end-user

Sanoste solution for AI based physiotherapy

Benefits of Sanoste Digital Trainer

 Faster recovery
 Gamification empowers and motivates
 Real-time information on the progress

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Sanoste Digital Trainer is a work in progress. We are now looking for additional places interested in testing it. We are especially keen on rehabilitation after surgeries of upper or lower extremities.