How to participate using a web browser

How to participate with laptop

Creating a Sanoste account

As a new user you need to create a Sanoste account. This allows you to purchase and participate in the activities.

1. Go to our web store. Select “Login to web shop” on the upper corner of the website. You will be directed to registration page.

2. Fill your email-address and choose a password of minimum 6 characters. Select “Register”.

3. We will send you a confirmation email with a verification link. Go to your email and click the link.

4. Your account is now verified.

Ordering an activity

1. In the toolbar of the web store you will find different categories of activities. Clicking a specific activity gives you more detailed information about it.

2. After clicking a specific activity you will see the available groups. Choose a suitable group by clicking “Choose”.

3. Choose the starting date for your activity. The default (green circle) is that the activity starts next available time. Select then “Order now”. You will be directed to basket.

4. You can order the activity for 4 weeks (lectures for 1 time) or make a continuous subscription. If you have a discount code, please enter it here and click “Update basket”. Check order information and continue to “Checkout”.

5. Sign in to our web store using your earlier chosen email and password.

6. You can choose if the activity is delivered to you or as a present to someone else. Insert the name of the participant and the contact information. Contact informations will be used only in case of emergency.

7. Choose a payment method and pay for the activity.

8. Confirm your order. You will shortly receive a confirmation email of your order.

9. Enjoy your activity!

Participating in the activity

1. Select “Participate with laptop” (a blue button on the upper corner of the website). You will be directed to a website where you can log in.

2. The site will request permission to use your laptops camera, microphone and notifications. Please select “Allow” as these actions are needed in order to the instructor to see and hear you during the activity. The service doesn’t work without these features.

3. Log in with Sanoste-account that you created earlier.

4. After login you are directed to a waiting-site. Please wait for the instructors call.

5. The instructor will call you when the activity starts. Answer to the incoming call by clicking the green button on the screen.

Need further information?

Read FAQ or contact our customer support: