Laptop computer

You can participate in the activities using a laptop computer with a Google Chrome-browser. A laptop computer can be connected to a television using an HDMI-cable, which allows you to see the activity on a larger screen.

In principle, participating with a laptop computer is similar to participating with a tablet device: you only need to answer the incoming call. With a laptop computer, the user needs to use the Google Chrome-browser and login to our website. We recommend the Sanoste application to users who are new to information technology.

The activities are suitable for everyone interested in rehabilitative and stimulating  services. There is no age limit to participate. Everybody can join according to their own physical condition.

It is easy to participate in the activities with a laptop

Register and purchase
the activity

You need to create an Sanoste account to be able to purchase and participate in the activities. Choose an interesting activity and a suitable group from the web store.

Login before the
activity starts

Login using the blue button in the right upper corner of our website. After login you are directed to a waiting-site, where you wait for the incoming call.

Answer the
incoming call

The activity starts by answering the incoming call from the instructor. This is done by clicking the green button.

Versatile selection of activities to your home
with teleconference technology

Physical activities 49 euros (4 times 30 minutes), lectures 20 euros (1 time)

Highlights for seniors

A laptop computer allows you to participate in the activities from the comfort of your own home. The activities are always in real-time, they are not recordings. The instructor hears and sees the participant and is present motivating and guiding. All the instructors are professionals in their own domain and have a long experience in providing activities for elderly.

There is a wide selection of physical and stimulating activities, such as chair exercise, singing and also various health-related lectures. You have a wonderful chance to continue with a dear hobby or try a new one. Many of the participants consider these activities highlights of their week.

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