Activities – chair exercise, yoga, educational classes

A new way to participate in the activities

Teleconference technology

In order to participate in the activities you just need to answer the incoming call. During the session, you will see and hear only the instructor and he/she will see and hear you.


The activities are real-time so there is always a professional instructor present motivating and guiding the participants. The activities are not videos. They take place according to the schedule in our web store.

Easy to buy

From our web store you will find a versatile selection of activities: chair exercise, meditation, samba, singing and educational classes. The activities are purchased safely and without long term commitments. You can buy them for yourself or give them as a present.

Now you can participate in the activities safely and comfortable from home

Osallistu harrastuksiin tablettilaitteella tai kannettavalla tietokoneella

You can participate in the activities using a tablet device or a laptop computer. Before participating in the activities, please make sure that you have these equipments.

The benefits:

Meaning to everyday life

Activities delivered to your home bring new interesting content to your life.

Benefits to your health

Regular activities increase your wellbeing and quality of life. They maintain your functional capacity and even decrease the feeling of loneliness.

Easy to use

Taking part in the activity is as simple as answering a mobile phone. You just need to push one button.