Sanoste, exciting services for seniors
Sanoste, exciting services for seniors

We deliver virtual services – chair exercise, yoga, singing

We are providing versatile virtual services for the seniors using videotechnology. The virtual services are delivered to an easy to use tablet device. Taking part in the service is as simple as answering the mobile phone, the senior only has to answer the call from the instructor.

The virtual services delivered by Sanoste increase the quality of life, maintain functional capacity, decrease loneliness and maintain independant living of the seniors.

The services are always real-time. The independent professional instructors are available guiding and motivating those participating in the service.

Chair exercise

Chair exercise, services for elderly

Asahi health

Asahi health, virtual services

Spring songs

Spring songs, services for seniors

Participate to services easily with tablet device

With our new Sanoste app seniors can participate to the virtual services provided by professional instructors on their tablet devices anywhere they are. Our app is the first app that has been developed with seniors and for seniors.

Download Sanoste App on your tablet:


Sambic, palvelut senioreille

Balance exercise

Balance exercise, services for seniors

Pain management lecture

Pain management lecture, Leena Vallin

You can buy the services from our web store – more than 30 services to choose from

In our web store you can find a wide selection of services to support the wellbeing and independant living  of the elderly. The instructors are professionals with long experience in supplying services for elderly.

User testimonials

User testimonials

The company

The uniqueness of Sanoste is the innovative digital platform that connects the service providers and customers. The platform offers ease-of-use for both the customers and service providers. As part of our platform we have an on-line web store where everybody can easily find services that increase their welbeing.

The platform also allows the scalability of our business. The technology does not limit how many service providers and end-users can be present at the same time.

Our primary target group is seniors living at home, but on-line virtual services are also suitable for other customers in social and healthcare sectors, like child welfare, institutional care, services for disabled people, mental health rehabilitation and counseling services for alcohol and substance abuse.

Our values are

Understanding our customers’ life situation

We want every senior citizen to have a chance to age with dignity in their own community. From our web store she can choose services that best meet her own needs and preferences. We believe that everybody has the right to continue with a dear hobby.


Ease of use of our services and good customer experience are in the core of our business. We develope our services together with seniors and are open for both positive and negative feedback and suggestions to improve our business.


Security and privacy protection are of utmost importance for us. The sees and hears only the service provider and not the other participants. Hence the services feel personal.

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We deliver the services to home or to service centers and residential homes as group service

Family and friends

We offer versatile services that family and friends can purchase for their elderly relatives. The virtual services bring happiness to their life and increase the quality of life. With the services your elderly relatives can continue to enjoy their life and the services may improve their social life.

Home care

Home care can supply senior-tablet device for the elderly to support living at home. This device is well suited for the virtual services that can be purchased in our web store. These services will help maintain the independant living and also minimize the use of other healthcare services and enhance a longer stay at home.

Service centers and residential homes

We can offer recreational and rehabilitating virtual services also for groups in service centers and residential homes. The virtual services increase their offering of versatile activities.